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insignia / знаки отличия, знаки различия, эмблема
имя существительное
знаки отличия
знаки различия
emblem, insignia, symbol, device, ensign, blazon
имя существительное
a badge or distinguishing mark of military rank, office, or membership of an organization; an official emblem.
a khaki uniform with colonel's insignia on the collar
they left eternally inert blooms, the insignia of melancholy
These liveries came to be distinguished by heraldic insignia and emblems.
It is enough that he is clothed with the insignia of the office, and exercises its powers and functions…
He noticed my military insignia and asked if I was going to Saudi Arabia for the Gulf War.
A large number centered on war themes, such as army-cap badges, national flags, and military insignia .
Henry VIII dropped the wolfhound and replaced it with a lion, thus making the royal insignia less Welsh.
Ramirez stood up easily in his military uniform, no insignia giving his rank.
a khaki uniform with colonel's insignia on the collar
She motioned them to come inside, noting the rank insignia on their collars.
There are other Scouters whom have provided me with scans of square knot insignia as well as other items.