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insight / понимание, проницательность, интуиция
имя существительное
understanding, insight, comprehension, conception, realization, grasp
insight, discernment, acumen, perspicacity, shrewdness, vision
intuition, insight, instinct, feeling, sixth sense
имя существительное
the capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing.
this paper is alive with sympathetic insight into Shakespeare
the town offers some insight into Finnish rural life
Such austerities were employed in an attempt to gain insight into the fundamental nature of existence.
Seth gives us insight into the reasons for his divorce and why he needed to leave his job as an accountant.
I think it's by reading his work that we can gain quick insight into how to become rich quickly.
Words leave the page and become real, and you gain rare insight into the authors, their books, and their passions.
At best, you could gain some insight into how to improve your performance.
This is the word from the Catholic Church, who have far more insight into these matters than lowly commoners such as myself.
It gives us a way to gain some insight into what type of fatigue they're dealing with and the best way to manage that fatigue.
Endurance could provide insight into the environmental history of the area, but there are risks.
Did either one of you at any time feel that you got truly into his soul, insight into what makes this man tick?