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inshore / у берега, ближе к берегу, близко к берегу
у берега
ближе к берегу
близко к берегу
имя прилагательное
riparian, littoral, riverside, in-shore, riverine, seaboard
имя прилагательное
at sea but close to the shore.
both mackerel and bluefish have returned to inshore waters by now
toward or closer to the shore.
birds heading inshore to their breeding sites
A Thai coastal patrol boat caught broadside on by the waves had been tumbled over and over and finished hundreds of yards inshore .
If you want to be independent, go to any promontory, headland or peninsula that has deep water close inshore and allows you to stand on a cliff a good height above water level.
A police helicopter with an infra-red camera, the coastguard team from Canvey, Gravesend RNLI and two inshore lifeboats spent two and a half hours searching for the man after they were alerted on Friday night.
The inshore lifeboat manoeuvred close inshore to pick up three of the youngsters while the fourth, who had scrambled further up the cliff, was rescued by the Coastguard team by cliff line.
Other hurricanes have struck there since but it seems that most of the reefs escaped any noticeable damage, though locals say that inshore reefs around Ambergris Cay did suffer.
The dive is good at any state of the tide, but be cautious of the stronger north-east/south-west currents on the seaward side of the reef during periods of spring tides - either stay inshore or time your dive for slack water.
The vessel will eventually be used to patrol Scotland's inshore waters, monitoring landings of fish stocks.
Rather like some inshore lifeboats, the scheme will be set up as a charitable trust, funded by commercial sponsorship, public donations and fund-raising events.
Britain and France resolved in early 1940 to mine Norwegian inshore waters and land troops at Narvik and other ports to strangle this flow of raw materials.
It is very often caught by shore anglers during the winter months and early spring when the fish move inshore to spawn.