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inset / вкладка, вклейка, вставка в платье
имя существительное
insert, inset, plate
вставка в платье
insert, inset, interpose, paste, embed, plug
invest, put up, insert, inlay, enclose, inset
имя существительное
a thing that is put in or inserted.
a pair of doors with their original stained-glass insets
put in (something, especially a small picture or map) as an inset.
type in the text to be inset
Lifts are surrounded by glowing glass; and luminous white glass boxes are inset into the bar's polished stone counter in the ground floor cafe.
One way to accomplish this is to inset a message box.
Stepping-stones were inset into the now-calmer inclines, facilitating access.
The panel inset in Figure 6 is an enlargement of the area between 740 nm and 820 run-the area of the near-infrared region used in this analysis.
The study area map shows only the northwestern corner of the Yukon and lacks both an inset to orient the reader within this part of the Arctic and a scale.
The grip panels are inset with a gold company medallion, a motif that harkens back to old Colts and pleases some traditionalists, such as yours truly.
The recovery of the ground-state absorption band in the inset of Fig.4B shows a rise time of 300 ms.
It's finished to a very high standard and one of the main features is an open plan roof with a timber inset , and a raised fireplace.
The main picture would show the agony and the ecstasy in the player's face; the inset would show the dartboard.
An interactive hologram in the form of a shapely mink was inset in the wall to the side, and served as doorkeeper.