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insertion / вставка, введение, включение
имя существительное
insert, insertion, piece, gusset, intercalation, inlet
introduction, insertion, injection, establishment, institution, initiation
inclusion, insertion, engagement, comprehension, switching-on
имя существительное
the action of inserting something.
the insertion of a line or two into the script
a thing that is inserted, in particular.
A quick insertion - recognizing the fragility of the physical is not the same thing as rejecting the physical.
the manner or place of attachment of an organ.
close to the point of leaf insertion
the addition of extra DNA or RNA into a section of genetic material.
In these studies, the duplications are produced by transformation of the cloned DNA and its insertion into ectopic chromosomal locations.
To qualify for insertion on the waiting list, members of the public must be an approved applicant of a local authority, a tenant or a tenant purchaser of a local authority house.
Orbit insertion is a critical moment in the mission.
Hello, strange indentation in shin identical to the little depressions alien abductees believe are the points of insertion for their implants.
As it involved a non-surgical method of insertion , the yellow pellet gained a lot of supporters despite its life threatening side effects
The stiff peduncle, in turn, functions as a rigid base for the flexible insertion of the caudal fin.
Getting insertion and removal right can be a bit tricky until you learn the knack.
Molecular access to the sda gene was via the sda HZ.P1 mutation by the method of plasmid rescue of genomic DNA flanking the transposon insertion .
The Mars Observer launched in 1992 was lost the following year during orbit insertion .
If there is only one thing I had to pick out, I think the most rewarding thing for me so far was watching those ring pictures come back after Saturn orbit insertion .
an annual insertion in the local telephone directory