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insert / вставка, вкладыш, втулка
имя существительное
insert, insertion, piece, gusset, intercalation, inlet
liner, insert, bushing, bush, box, pillow
sleeve, hub, bushing, bush, collar, insert
insert, inset, interpose, paste, embed, plug
include, turn on, switch on, comprise, involve, insert
put, place, position, insert, set, house
имя существительное
a thing that has been inserted, in particular.
It is a rare mix of pop and classical, like the original Sgt Pepper, complete with all the inserts in mint condition, and the Rolling Stones album with the zip on the front and the best track of Brown Sugar ever recorded.
place, fit, or thrust (something) into another thing, especially with care.
a steel rod was inserted into the small hole
(of a muscle or other organ) be attached to a part, especially that which is moved.
the muscle that raises the wing is inserted on the dorsal surface of the humerus
The House Appropriations Committee has voted to require the D.C. Council to insert a ‘conscience clause’ in the bill.
Last night's news had the annual insert on how the recent bone-numbing cold has been affecting the street kids and homeless in our cities.
Ever since Online lost its status as a pull-out insert , its content has become ever-so-dated.
The only difference is that every individual title will have a unique black and white photograph as part of its information insert .
My left leg is slightly longer than my right, or my right leg is slightly shorter than my left - either way I have to wear a heel insert in my right shoe or else I get a sore lower back.
The North said it was an attempt to insert a satellite into orbit.
For details on our reservation and cancellation policy, please see the bound insert between pages 68-69.
These contract notices were issued before legal guidance was available so the GLA was unable to notify its intention to insert such a clause in the final contract.
Bacteriophages insert their genetic material into bacterial DNA.
Did you know it only costs $12 for a whole year of Playboy when you buy through the magazine insert ?