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insensible / бесчувственный, нечувствительный, неощутимый
имя прилагательное
unfeeling, insensible, senseless, insensate, tearless, inhuman
insensitive, dead, insensible, impassible, non-sensitive, senseless
imperceptible, insensible, impalpable, inappreciable, imponderable
имя прилагательное
without one's mental faculties, typically a result of violence or intoxication; unconscious.
they knocked each other insensible with their fists
unaware of; indifferent to.
they slept on, insensible to the headlight beams
too small or gradual to be perceived; inappreciable.
varying by insensible degrees
It doesn't render them unconscious or make them insensible to pain.
Some are in jail, some are medicated insensible , some are living lives of dangerous poverty.
At about 9:10 am, two workers were found insensible in their dormitory on Jingyuan Lu.
Apparently, he is a rather high-level alcoholic, insensible between takes, though perfectly clear when required on cam.
She is utterly insensible to the fact that Henry's scandal might affect her in any way.
The choreography keeps this single-mindedness through the four sections of Lou Harrison's score: often, the dancers seem to work at staying insensible of those nearby, yet their movements coordinate perfectly with others.
In the summer, Saturday would bring a golf tournament, and the slugging back of cans on the course to maintain his equilibrium, before another night of drinking himself insensible , sometimes accompanied by bed-wetting.
Another brother slumped on the floor, insensible to the fact that he was sitting in his mother's blood.
By harping constantly only on the scenario in which guns may actually prove to be useful and can legitimately be used, we appear as people who are grossly out of touch with, and insensible to, the real nature and extent of the problem.
Away they would go, raping and pillaging around the port, drinking themselves insensible , passing out on the docks, in bars, on the roadway, in the brothels… in fact, anywhere there was enough space to collapse.