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insensate / неодушевленный, бесчувственный, неразумный
имя прилагательное
inanimate, insensate, insentient, lifeless, dead
unfeeling, insensible, senseless, insensate, tearless, inhuman
irrational, unwise, silly, subhuman, inadvisable, insensate
имя прилагательное
lacking physical sensation.
a patient who was permanently unconscious and insensate
Duchenne lectured on expression at the École des Beaux-Arts, Paris, which still houses his remarkable photographs of experiments involving the attaching of electrodes to the selected facial muscles of a thankfully insensate man.
Diabetics often suffer from insensate fingers, and they said that manipulating and positioning test strips correctly in a monitor proved difficult, as well as attention grabbing in social situations.
As with any technique used on the insensate foot, careful attention to detail must be made during application to ensure effective off-loading and the prevention of secondary injury.
Some 9,000 British people die every year from alcohol-related illness and hundreds of thousands are hospitalised or rendered insensate .
She pointed to a heap of insensate lobsters piled in a corner.
Arguing that idealism, like the belief in heaven, makes us impractical, insensate , and out of touch with this world, Levis fuses tropes of religion with tropes of riding horseback.
The innocuous trauma of high pressure jets and bubble massage to the insensate breast and back areas had caused the bruising seen in the picture.
Natural scientists in general, and biologists in particular, often adopt some version of the Cartesian presumption that nonhuman animals are insensate machines made of meat.
Rather, they were driven chiefly by an insensate hatred of America and all things American.
I know it's just what it is; I know the plane isn't going to crash, but nothing else wants to make me put back a gallon of vodka and sprawl back in the seat with my mouth open, insensate as the lucky luggage in the hold below.