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inseminate / оплодотворять, сеять
fertilize, impregnate, inseminate, fructify, fecundate
sow, seed, disseminate, inseminate, garble, seminate
introduce semen into (a woman or a female animal) by natural or artificial means.
At the National Wildlife Research Center in Taif, female bustards are artificially inseminated and the chicks are hand-raised and then released.
The intelligent were failing to breed, and the only remedy, according to Graham, was to artificially inseminate women with the sperm of intelligent men - Nobel prize-winning scientists, no less.
If you artificially inseminate a chicken with semen from a turkey, few if any of the sperm find their way into the females' sperm store, and at best, only 2 to 3 percent of the eggs will be fertile.
We had to learn how to artificially inseminate mice, which was a big task.
During the operation sperm is collected for the tissue bank and will later be used to inseminate lions in another park.
However, it is not possible to remove enough sperm from the man's testicle to inseminate the woman.
As for the males becoming wingless, if the male can inseminate a mobile female, then he doesn't have to worry about wings too much, because his genes can be carried off by the female.
In general, intromittent organs are found in males and are used to inseminate females.
Here, the models predict that males should transfer the least sperm when there are no other competitors and the most sperm when only one other male is likely to inseminate the female.
Therefore, a male's ability to inseminate females is probably limited enough to make choosing pay.
Adult males emerge from their puparia and fly off to inseminate a female through the brood canal opening in her cephalothorax.