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insecticide / инсектицид, средство для истребления насекомых
имя существительное
средство для истребления насекомых
имя существительное
a substance used for killing insects.
Your report incorrectly stated that organic food has not had various chemicals like fertilisers or insecticides sprayed on it.
the timber can be treated with insecticide
What I did not know was that the orchard had been sprayed with the insecticide Lindane the day before.
International aid workers launch a blitz to hand out a million insecticide treated mosquito nets.
Product labels caution people to handle organophosphate insecticides with respect.
In any case, soybeans should not be treated with insecticides at planting time.
Moreover, the insecticidal protein in the plant begins to break down immediately after the plant dies so there is no danger of its toxic effect in soil or underground water.
All leading soil insecticides offer roots substantial protection against rootworm.
The chemicals we call pesticides include insecticides , herbicides, and fungicides.
Soybean fields are generally not treated with insecticides and may have abundant food resources.
The effect of these chemicals, particularly insecticides , has been studied for many decades.