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inseam / inseam
внутренний шов
шаговый шов брюк
имя существительное
the seam in a pair of pants from the crotch to the bottom of the leg, or the length of this.
Measure the pants crotch length from the inseam to the waistline and record on the pattern.
To measure the length of your inseam , lay a pair of trousers that fit you well flat on the table as aforementioned, and measure them from the top of the inner pant leg seam to the opening at the bottom of the leg.
Seven's 12-page workbook asks for 11 body measurements, covering everything from inseam to shoulder width.
I'm 74 inches in my stocking feet, and have a 35 inch inseam .
The short features a flip-down branded waistband and a 3.5-inch inseam .
In pants, the extra width is usually added at the front inseam .
The most important measurements you should know beforehand are: shoe size; waist and inseam measurements for pants; neck and sleeve sizes for shirts.
That might not even be a 4 inch inseam , compared to 8 inches or more today in 2002.
For example, if you want to order a pair of slacks and the catalogue doesn't list the inseam , call and ask.
The ladies' cut has a 3-inch inseam , a drawstring and elastic waistband and for style it has a noticeable V-notch leg for ease of movement for cheering.
Slightly taper the pant leg on the inseam from the knee down and on the outer seam from the hip down.