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inscrutable / непостижимый, непроницаемый, загадочный
имя прилагательное
incomprehensible, inconceivable, unfathomable, inscrutable, unknowable, mysterious
impenetrable, impermeable, impervious, tight, inscrutable, proof
enigmatic, cryptic, inscrutable, enigmatical, oracular, Delphian
имя прилагательное
impossible to understand or interpret.
Guy looked blankly inscrutable
Between them they come up with a tale that is occasionally engaging, often inscrutable , and in the end simplistic.
She had a private meeting with Bertie, who was sympathetic but inscrutable .
I wonder if she's holding something back, so inscrutable does she seem at times.
He understands that the poem is foremost a form of communication, and fails if it becomes inscrutable .
In another brief appearance, the inscrutable South African was dispatched from the event with six holes to spare.
Their musical and personal relationship is at the same time completely open and completely inscrutable .
It is not some mysterious, inscrutable relation that beliefs bear to facts, whatever they might be.
Now it is said that the inscrutable coach will have to live up to the demands placed on him by the billion people living within a fanatical football nation.
Her inscrutable silence has become a canvas for projected social anxieties.
It's like a compelling bad dream whose inscrutable images persist in the traumatised moments after waking.