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inscription / надпись, надписание, краткое посвящение
имя существительное
inscription, lettering, legend, title, superscription, scripture
краткое посвящение
формула рецепта
имя существительное
words inscribed, as on a monument or in a book.
the inscription on her headstone
His research interests include gender studies and the body as a site for cultural inscription .
Identification was by inscription , heraldry and, later, a rebus.
It is exactly about the stipulation that warrants inscription of the numbers and letters in black against a white backdrop.
Thus the process of inscription becomes a self-reflexive activity.
the inscription of memorable utterances on durable materials
the inscription of memorable utterances on durable materials
Here the spoken material of language becomes the working object of scientific inscription .
The stone surfaces of the memorial are the ground for its other key gesture: the clever use of inscription .
These techniques can be distinguished from those in which the body itself is an immediate object of elaboration and inscription .
Something has been knifed inside me, and I do not want to lose the external sign of that inscription .