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inscribe / надписывать, посвящать, вписывать фигуру
inscribe, letter, superscribe, dedicate
dedicate, sanctify, devote, consecrate, inscribe, induct
вписывать фигуру
write or carve (words or symbols) on something, especially as a formal or permanent record.
his name was inscribed on the new silver trophy
draw (a figure) within another so that their boundaries touch but do not intersect.
a regular polygon inscribed in a circle
‘We inscribe them in the book of the saints, and establish that in all the church they be devoutly honoured among the saints,’ the Pope said in Spanish.
To write properly I would need to know which picture to draw and which sounds from the spoken word to inscribe next to it.
Before he rushed off, he asked us to inscribe copies of our books for him.
Instead of the traditional wedding gifts Rachel and Matthew asked their guests to donate a book which had touched that guest's life and inscribe it with a special message.
Mailer, disappointed to find that Buckley had apparently neglected to inscribe the book, promptly flipped through the index to see whether he had been mentioned.
We must inscribe those words alongside some of today's political utterances.
These were one liners written by groups of five poets who would each secretly inscribe a word on a slip of paper.
She wrote back saying how touched she was, and how glad that I liked her work, and that I was welcome to send my books along for her to personally inscribe , and that she'd try to take a look at the book.
Ptolemy calculated chords by first inscribing regular polygons of 3, 4, 5, 6 and 10 sides in a circle.
Perhaps, the word is inscribed in English so that a cross-section of tourists would understand it.