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insatiable / ненасытный, жадный
имя прилагательное
insatiable, voracious, greedy, gluttonous, rapacious, insatiate
greedy, insatiable, avid, voracious, covetous, rapacious
имя прилагательное
(of an appetite or desire) impossible to satisfy.
an insatiable hunger for success
So called socialist societies have been as bad as any other in helping to destroy the balance of nature in trying to satisfy the insatiable greed of humans.
But his insatiable appetite for politics and getting things done was evident long before he sought elected office.
Her mother is a drug addict and has been in and out of jail for over a decade, and Megan's insatiable craving for affection is both tragic and repellent.
Once again, football's insatiable greed threatens to be its undoing.
Apparently, she was quite insatiable in the privacy of her own chamber.
He is insatiable in the quest for honours - often putting himself through a punishing schedule.
It profoundly satisfied while simultaneously creating an insatiable appetite for more.
Being a batsman with an insatiable hunger for runs, he will also no doubt gorge himself at the expense of bowling attacks the length and breadth of the country.
They are incensed by the Government's insatiable thirst for higher taxes and more public spending, which has failed to improve services.
Who among us can possibly keep up with the insatiable thirst for novelty demanded and dominated by the toy industry?