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inrush / натиск, внезапное вторжение, напор
имя существительное
onslaught, onset, rush, push, onrush, inrush
внезапное вторжение
inrush, irruption
pressure, thrust, push, rush, fall, inrush
имя существительное
the sudden arrival or entry of something.
a great inrush of water occurred
They were alarmed by a potential inrush of Indian traders from East Africa - who soon turned out to be invaluable additions to the economy, reviving corner-shops and pharmacies, and building up small businesses throughout Britain.
a great inrush of water occurred
Yet even as the crowd was pushing me on, I felt the inrush of a great and powerful force.
When such bubbles burst in the vicinity of a solid surface, the symmetry is broken because the surface interferes with the inrush of fluid to the collapsed bubble.
The result is local resistance to an inrush of unfamiliar ideas, products, and services from multinational companies.
The whole sequence of events, from the inrush of calcium to the initiation of the action potential, takes place in less than two milliseconds.
The rapid inrush and outflow of air inflated and deflated the interior, giving rise to apprehension that the craft might disintegrate at any moment.
The common pattern seems to be this: there is an inrush into the electorate of a new ethnic or racial group, with a strong preference for one political party, and politics seems to be structured around this division.
The original physical feeling of causal efficacy is submerged but not eliminated by an inrush of conceptual feelings, and then we have a display of qualities presented to us.
They aimed to beach her, but the inrush of water was too great and the tugs had to cast off as she sank to the sandy bottom a mile from Rame Head at 10.30 pm.