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inquisitor / инквизитор, судебный следователь
имя существительное
судебный следователь
имя существительное
a person making an inquiry, especially one seen to be excessively harsh or searching.
the professional inquisitors of the press
Well, the inquisitor in our party was curious about the specifics of the policy, and jokingly needled the ranger about the prohibition.
The Prime Minister merely looked ahead, eyes and jaw grimly fixed, and uncharacteristically ignored his inquisitor .
I was hired on the spot because my inquisitor thought I evidenced a degree of cheekiness that would ensure my survival as her underling.
He laughed nervously, buying time by saying ‘thanks’ to his inquisitor , then he managed one example.
Having heard their confessions, the inquisitor could impose a penance or punishment, which ranged from wearing yellow crosses to indicate that a witness had been guilty of heretical activities, to being burned alive at the stake.
My friend was dragged off in his underwear to face the university inquisitors .
He completely nailed his inquisitors , so much so, that they've pulled the testimony off the Congressional website.
It was an intemperate outburst, but even as he stamped out of the room with a dark glower, his inquisitors were breaking into smiles.
That all sounds great, say his inquisitors , who must be exchanging puzzled glances and looking incredulous during this, but it's not really you, is it?
‘The answer is no, I am not interested, and it gets very tiresome to have it brought up all the time,’ Andrew told a cowering gang of inquisitors .