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inquisition / инквизиция, расследование, следствие
имя существительное
investigation, inquiry, probe, inquisition, detection, probing
investigation, consequence, result, effect, consequent, inquisition
имя существительное
a period of prolonged and intensive questioning or investigation.
she relented in her determined inquisition and offered help
an ecclesiastical tribunal established by Pope Gregory IX circa 1232 for the suppression of heresy. It was active chiefly in northern Italy and southern France, becoming notorious for the use of torture. In 1542 the papal Inquisition was re-established to combat Protestantism, eventually becoming an organ of papal government.
To do: bring it up with him as a gentle inquiry, not an inquisition ; tell him hearing those words would make you feel good.
But it's probably not wise to give too hard an inquisition .
Until 1854 the value of the instrument of a man's death had to be recorded in the coroner's inquisition and, if the matter went to trial, in the murder indictment.
In 1246 an inquisition jury attributed the foundation to the Conqueror and identified the recipients of hospitality as the poor, sick and infirm who had no homes but slept in the streets at night.
We chatted about this and that, although on reflection I think it might have been more of an inquisition on my part.
Already there are signs that he is wearying of questions about next year's duel with the Americans but the bad news for the Largs-born player is that the inquisition will intensify with each month.
Now, there would probably be an inquisition if I got in that late.
she relented in her determined inquisition and offered help
The process is more an inquisition than an interview - albeit a good-humoured one.
During the inquisition Jack was asked if he had had other affairs.