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inquiry / запрос, спрос, дознание
имя существительное
request, query, inquiry, demand, message, interpellation
demand, inquiry, request, market, run, call
inquiry, inquest, quest, disquisition, interrogative
имя существительное
an act of asking for information.
the deluge of phone inquiries after a crash
He said that he would welcome any further inquiry as to the details of the information which he then gave below.
The government has declared two days of mourning and an official inquiry into the crash.
In an investigation of this nature there will be hundreds of similar lines of inquiry .
If the inquiry needs tests, whether scientific or otherwise, so much the better.
They may have seen something suspicious and have information vital to the inquiry .
As with all forms of information or methods of inquiry , both good and bad examples exist.
However, this written evidence was not tested at the inquiry and so carries less weight.
The public inquiry held in January examined two applications for the development.
Despite this, the two Londoners have vowed to fight on and are understood now to be pursuing fresh lines of inquiry .
Those are exactly the sorts of matters that are being investigated by the inquiry .