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inquiring / пытливый, вопрошающий, любознательный
имя прилагательное
inquisitive, inquiring, curious, prying, inquisitorial
questioning, inquiring
curious, inquisitive, inquiring
имя прилагательное
showing an interest in learning new things.
an open, inquiring mind
ask for information from someone.
“How well do you know Berlin?” he inquired of Hencke
investigate; look into.
the task of political sociology is to inquire into the causes of political events
I don't know why - the kindest explanation is an inquiring mind - but I've either always got something to say or a question to ask.
Those who did attend had little choice but to furnish inquiring minds with plausible excuses.
Anticipating Corissa's question and inquiring gaze, Magdalena looked to the side and shrugged a little.
I am objecting only to their being used to stifle inquiring young minds.
I shot Mike an inquiring look, to which he nodded.
The books are a good cover-to-cover read for the recommended age group (seven- to nine-year-olds), with enough detail to pique the interests of inquiring young minds.
Some returned his inquiring gaze by shaking their heads, others by looking down.
For the inquiring mind there is so much still left to discover.
The teacher was looking at them with inquiring eyes and frowned eyebrows.
For the inquiring minds that want to know, DJ's team is now 7-1.