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inquire / спрашивать, исследовать, узнавать
ask, question, inquire, demand, interrogate, inquire for
explore, investigate, examine, study, research, inquire
learn, recognize, know, inquire, find out, get to know
ask for information from someone.
“How well do you know Berlin?” he inquired of Hencke
investigate; look into.
the task of political sociology is to inquire into the causes of political events
For any further information inquire at your town hall.
the task of political sociology is to inquire into the causes of political events
But anyone writing a book on solutions to these problems would surely be expected to inquire into its roots.
The informant said he inquired what would happen to the immigrants who could not come up with the money.
Although she does inquire after Mrs. Thornley's life and specifically about Mr. Thornley, she pays only slight attention to what Mrs. Thornley says in her brief replies.
Similarly, negotiators and inquirers must acknowledge their own biases and ‘remain open to the positions and interests of others’.
When he reached her, he quickly inquired about the wounds on her legs and arms.
By the time Jeff declared he must leave, he had quite forgotten that he had originally come to inquire after Maggie.
He slipped away and began to inquire after Wells, who still had yet to make an appearance.
She returned moments later, empty handed but inquiring : ‘What wine did you order, again?’