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input / входной, вводимый, подводимый
имя прилагательное
input, entrance, inlet, entry
имя существительное
input, inlet, lead-in
ввод данных
входные данные
input, data-in
enter, input, introduce, inject, set, bring in
имя существительное
what is put in, taken in, or operated on by any process or system.
perceptions and sensory input
a place where, or a device through which, energy or information enters a system.
the signal being fed through the main input
put (data) into a computer.
As numbers added up they were inputted into computer databases - spewing out vote by ballot box after ballot box and available for all to see on the wall behind the tally centre through a projector aid.
We would say to them that we valued their input and contribution, and we would reward it through a lower tax system that showed that we thought they were important.
It demonstrates that there is both unconscious and conscious processing of sensory input .
But there are issues about the local input into decision-making.
Reduced labour input and feed costs can be achieved by going down the route of feeding chopped straw as part of winter diets.
A functional computer needs input and output devices, memory, data to work on, and a program that defines how the data are handled.
data input
pen-based computers take input from a stylus
Questions were directed at students who were particularly vocal on the audiotapes, but other students were free to walk up and contribute input to the questions as they wished.
The portion of the brain that processes visual input and interprets the messages that the eye sends is called the visual cortex.
The upside of this setup is that it can accept either balanced or unbalanced signal input .