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inpatient / стационарный больной, лежачий больной
имя существительное
стационарный больной
лежачий больной
cot case, shut-in, bed-patient, in-patient
имя существительное
a patient who stays in a hospital while under treatment.
Yet strangely it has no effective role in treating the most common type of anaemia to affect hospital inpatients .
She was treated as an inpatient at her local hospital with intravenous antibiotics for suspected low grade bacterial cellulitis.
You may receive your treatment as an inpatient , as an outpatient in the clinic, or at home.
A rescue plan to keep Warminster Community Hospital open to inpatients is expected to be announced to staff today.
The available clinical evidence leans heavily on parenteral therapy of inpatients with pelvic inflammatory disease.
In a study of hospital inpatients , less effective pain management was noted for older Hispanic patients.
No significant differences were found between ethnic groups in the admission of inpatients to hospitals.
This study showed that a single intervention to prevent return to smoking in cardiac inpatients after discharge from hospital was not effective.
The need to explain this to hospital inpatients may not be so obvious.
Yet over the same period, the number of cases seen in outpatients and inpatients in English hospitals has soared.
Such prescriptions may affect two thirds of inpatients in specialist palliative care units.