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inordinate / чрезмерный, беспорядочный, неумеренный
имя прилагательное
excessive, over, undue, superfluous, exceeding, inordinate
messy, disorderly, random, erratic, indiscriminate, inordinate
immoderate, inordinate, unconscionable
имя прилагательное
unusually or disproportionately large; excessive.
a case that had taken up an inordinate amount of time
The three boats sat black in the sunset against the bright water and he noticed that the pair in the rear seemed to carry an inordinate amount of equipment on and about their rigging.
And so they love ease and repose for their pleasure, but they keep themselves from inordinate excess.
It's been a banner week in a country which has suffered an inordinate amount of tragedy over the last month.
That is the reason that there are those who are born in a body or with a mind that causes them an inordinate amount of suffering.
And the bloke across the road had an inordinate amount of visitors who used to leave clutching a brown paper bag.
Some urban tree species cause an inordinate amount of asthma and allergy problems, while other tree species cause little or no health problems.
In the last few days I've received an inordinate amount of junkmail, and I've got to say I'm finding it immensely satisfying to deal with.
I was in a training course which was just about to start when I noticed that I had gotten an inordinate amount of hits this morning.
He raised money for village sports clubs, he organised events for charity and took inordinate pride in every aspect of Kimbleham life.
The book is infuriating in so many ways that it would take an inordinate amount of space to do justice to it, and I'm not sure whether to take it seriously.