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inopportune / неподходящий, несвоевременный, неуместный
имя прилагательное
unsuitable, inappropriate, improper, inopportune, inept, ineligible
untimely, inopportune, undue, unseasonable, timeless, injudicious
irrelevant, inappropriate, improper, incongruous, impertinent, inopportune
имя прилагательное
occurring at an inconvenient or inappropriate time.
a storm blew up at an inopportune moment
That was before he started writing books ‘from the inside’ and publishing them at very inopportune moments.
What next - will we be banned from taking any photograph in any public place just in case a minor happens to walk in front of the lens at an inopportune moment?!
How is he to know that he's rung at an inopportune moment.
These negative forces were unleashed on us at a most inopportune time, when the country started reaping nature's rewards in the form of an abundance of oil dollars.
He couldn't help but blush every time she caught him staring in her direction and he'd often find himself dreaming of her at the most inopportune moments.
It will visit upon us an important event at an inopportune time, as if to illustrate how inconsequential our influence on the greater scheme.
In terms of the world context, this is probably one of the most inopportune moments to announce further cuts to royalties and taxes.
Some dreams are interrupted during the most inopportune moments, especially those that reflect hidden desires.
More important, as the symbol of the state, his actions, no matter how inopportune , had to be defended by the Liberal ruling class at all costs.
This is an unhelpful hyperbole, but it is certainly true that there must be contexts in which a statement of these truths is politically inopportune .