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inoperative / недействующий, не имеющий силы, бездеятельный
имя прилагательное
inactive, inoperative, inoperable, ineffective, inofficious, out of gear
не имеющий силы
inactive, supine, passive, inoperative, vacuous, sluggish
имя прилагательное
not working or taking effect.
the telescope is substantially inoperative due to an equipment failure
One wonders how the inoperative council is supposed to generate the much needed finances to liquidate the debts.
One or more pipes or the canister itself could be blocked or damaged, or maybe one of the valves in the system is inoperative .
One organization replaced another after virtually ignoring food shortages, and electrical power and public utilities remained inoperative .
Some of them we will only be able to play three times before they come inoperative .
This last resort could either solve the problem or render the cell phone completely inoperative .
Having a completely inoperative disk drive is really starting to bug me.
Combining decaying and inoperative early warning systems with a ‘launch on warning’ posture for thousands of nuclear weapons is a recipe for nuclear disaster.
The clerk appeared a minute later and said that the car wash was inoperative , because they were cleaning it.
The oil-soaked ramp, which had been rendered inoperative when small-arms fire damaged the helicopter's utility hydraulics, was stuck in the down position.
The fire hydrants, which are sometimes found to be inoperative during the fire hazards in the town, should be revamped.