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innovation / инновация, новшество, нововведение
имя существительное
innovation, novelty, novation
innovation, novelty, introduction, novation, pioneer work
имя существительное
the action or process of innovating.
An alliance allows its partners to speed up the processes of innovation and market expansion.
This is a story about social learning and innovation over very long time-spans.
This process, which includes further innovation , creates a valuable revenue stream.
It also relies on efforts to use expertise to promote modernization and innovation .
The Eighties were the decade of innovation and novelty in frozen and processed foods.
It was the first time in at least five years that the Queen had honoured the city's businesses for innovation .
The first step in new drug innovation is to collect large amounts of samples.
It was also evidence that much social innovation now springs out of suburbia.
So we are training the workforce of the future and fostering growth and innovation .
At the same time we need to adjust our educational system so as to enhance creativity and innovation .
As you slowly move in the crowd, you get to know how innovation could be infused into exchange offers.