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innocence / невинность, невиновность, наивность
имя существительное
innocence, columbine simplicity
naivety, naivete, innocence, simplicity
имя существительное
the state, quality, or fact of being innocent of a crime or offense.
they must prove their innocence
No reinterpretation of the evidence and no protestations of innocence can alter those facts.
The steadfast and stubborn denial of guilt leads to the complete inability to recognise actual innocence .
But Browne presents him as an amalgam of innocence and worldliness, good nature and guile.
Her image of purity, innocence and kindness fits the traditional Chinese female role.
The court is only authorized to review cases if it is presented with new facts or proof of innocence .
Eager to learn from the great man, she hangs on his every word, reminding him of his own faraway innocence and purity of motive.
You can take each one separately and criticize it and say it is as consistent with innocence as with guilt.
Now it is rare to see his name in print unless it is being invoked as shorthand for corrupted innocence or curdled dreams.
He says despite the hundreds of exonerations in the US, proving innocence still takes years.
In flagrant violation of all existing legal principles, the detainee must then prove his innocence .