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innermost / глубочайший, самый сокровенный, лежащий глубоко внутри
имя прилагательное
innermost, inmost
самый сокровенный
innermost, inmost
лежащий глубоко внутри
innermost, inmost
имя прилагательное
(of thoughts or feelings) most private and deeply felt.
innermost beliefs and convictions
furthest in; closest to the center.
the innermost layer
For fifty hypnotic minutes, we immersed ourselves in noise, drowning out even our very innermost thoughts.
Gender of itself has no bearing on a person's innermost desire for liberty and to reach their fullest potential possible.
This innermost cell layer is surrounded by about two layers of narrow cells, which are elongate in longitudinal direction.
Eighteen urban youths share their innermost feelings in their class's open mike poetry presentation.
No matter how we might change externals, it is only when our innermost feelings are altered that we truly change and grow.
The earliest formed neurons make the innermost cortical layer, while neurons formed later make successive outer layers.
Five towers made of stylised lotuses rise from the centre, with the innermost tower rising to a height of 699 feet.
All sorts of personal correspondence, our innermost thoughts, and much of what we have been doing over the past few years are recorded on the computer.
I poured out my deepest and innermost thoughts and wouldn't stop until there was no more to share.
He correctly pointed out that six spheres can surround a central sphere in the innermost ring.