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innards / внутренности
имя существительное
inside, entrails, viscera, inwards, inward, innards
имя существительное
Haggis traditionally contains sheep innards such as lungs and hearts, and this dish is clearly not for those whose stomachs are of a delicate disposition.
Slit open the belly of the fish and use your thumb and your fingers to draw out the remaining innards .
The wedge-shaped pride of the Imperial fleet will be build out of aluminium, so we'd suggest that it just has to contain the innards of a Power Mac G5.
The thing's head was crushed and it's black innards splattered.
The sternum had been split open, the innards eaten, the legs pulled inside out, and the bones picked clean, ribs snapped off at the spine.
It made his innards ache and his heart squeeze tightly with pain to feel the only woman he loved refuse him that deeply.
Grasp the squid's head and innards as far inside the body as you can; pull gently.
The electronic innards were just fine, but I broke a plastic stud the frame mounts to.
I try to teach the children lessons about the sanctity of life as the fish, sucking for oxygen, lose their heads and innards .
The healer pretends to dig his hands into the patient's innards and pretends to pull out ‘tumors’.
The wallpaper snaked itself in silver and green ribbons across the screen as the mechanical chimes sounded from the innards of the computer.