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inn / трактир, гостиница, постоялый двор
имя существительное
inn, pub, public house, public, boozer
hotel, inn, hostel, guesthouse, pub, house
постоялый двор
inn, house, hostelry
имя существительное
an establishment providing accommodations, food, and drink, especially for travelers.
The grand resort hotels, smaller inns , and boarding houses were concentrated on the region's many lakes, nowhere more so than on the two large lakes on the region's eastern edge.
After they woke and dressed they went back to the tavern section of the inn to get some breakfast.
We walked to the tavern and inn that we had passed when we first entered the town.
It was used as an inn or tavern in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.
The Dublin pub, inn or tavern has a history which is as old as the city itself.
We have our choice of lovely motels, hotels, and inns .
And so they worked in different inns and taverns.
The licensing of alehouses and inns was the responsibility of justices of the peace.
At night, luxuriate at charming inns , sampling Scotch whisky.
Most Dutch genre, however, depicted the life of the better-off, often in scenes of household life, but also in markets, barrack rooms, taverns, inns , and brothels.
The shops were closed, but the taverns and inns were filled with people.