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inlay / инкрустация, пломба, мозаичная работа
имя существительное
inlay, incrustation, scurf
seal, filling, inlay, lead, stamp, stopper
мозаичная работа
покрывать мозаикой
делать инкрустацию
выстилать пол
имя существительное
a design, pattern, or piece of material inlaid in something.
ivory inlays that decorated wooden furnishings
a filling shaped to fit a tooth cavity.
In the ninth century the Mayans placed decorative inlays in anterior teeth.
a printed card or paper insert supplied with a CD, video, etc..
an inlay card
ornament (an object) by embedding pieces of a different material in it, flush with its surface.
mahogany paneling inlaid with rosewood
The grand white doors revealed a marble hallway, with mother-of-pearl inlay on the walls.
Melissa unfolds the inlay card and shows us a few.
A lovely bonus is the excellent background details on all twelve songs which are featured in the highly informative inlay .
But a hundred years later, the revival of the earlier style would have included profuse inlay .
This was the scene at just after 12, before I popped out to the dentist (broken back tooth, which he somehow managed to re-fill without needing a crown or inlay as I'd feared).
Other forms of graphic arts include lacquerware, mother-of-pearl inlay , gold work, nielloware, silverware, wood carving, ceramics, basketry and plaiting, weaving, and painting on paper or canvas.
I am also full of admiration for his enlightened essay which sheds some interesting facts on the Breughel reproduction printed on the front of the inlay card.
A temporary filling is placed to protect the tooth while the laboratory uses the mould to make the inlay or onlay.
Mosaic has been occasionally used as exterior decoration on the façades of medieval churches and modern architecture; it has also been used as a furniture inlay and to create small-scale portable pictures.
an inlay card