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inky / чернильный, в чернилах, цвета чернил
имя прилагательное
в чернилах
цвета чернил
имя прилагательное
as dark as ink.
the cold inky blackness of a Mexican cave
stained with ink.
bureaucrats with inky fingers
She wasn't just there on Halloween night - she was there every night… Especially on dark, inky black winter ones.
However, the sun was soon down below the horizon and the sky was covered with inky blackness, but her brothers were still nowhere to be seen.
Dark, inky black clouds swathed over the sun and blotted out the sky like a curtain of stormy nightfall.
I'll put my inky fingers up and admit that such a truncation popped into my mind straight away.
Everything was dark, inky black except for the image floating before him.
I looked up and around me was a infinity of space, stars glittered at me as the last of my home fell away leaving me drifting, drifting away slowly into inky blackness and glimmers of white.
Suddenly she hands me her torch and wonders off into the thick inky blackness of night.
A hundred feet out the ocean began to churn and boil with a dark inky color.
The only redemption to the inky blackness was her lone lamp.
They pulled open the warped wooden door and stepped into the inky dark of the carousel.