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ink / чернила, тушь, типографская краска
имя существительное
ink, writing ink
ink, China ink
типографская краска
ink, printer's ink, transfer-ink
пачкать чернилами
метить чернилами
имя существительное
a colored fluid used for writing, drawing, printing, or duplicating.
the names are written in ink
mark (words or a design) with ink.
the cork has the name of the château inked onto the side
sign (a contract).
she's just inked a deal to host her own talk show
In the current era, it's rare for much ink or air time to challenge the right of the U.S. government to directly intervene in other countries.
The risotto ‘Nero and Oro’ with the black squid's ink risotto with the gold leaf topping deserves a photo before you eat.
the story got lots of ink and plenty of air time
Besides… where else could I chat with the public without paying for ink or air time?
If an octopus releases ink in a small aquarium a partial water change is strongly recommended to protect the health of the octopus.
Dilute the squid ink with 100 ml boiling water and set aside.
Use a rubber stamp to ink the image repeatedly onto white cardstock; cut images out.
And like their mother, her three children have gotten a lot of ink in the tabloids.
But if you devote a lot of ink and a lot of energy, then there has to be something cooking on the fire.
ink ribbon