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injustice / несправедливость
имя существительное
injustice, wrong, inequity, iniquity, breach of justice
имя существительное
lack of fairness or justice.
the injustice of the death penalty
Pressure groups have always played a vital part in ending discrimination and injustice .
The passivity involved here is that of letting oneself be affected by all that is negative, by injustice and death.
The cost of strict liability is that it may result in injustice in individual cases.
Open letters appeared at key moments in the history of injustice in this country.
the injustice of the death penalty
The sentiment of the film is that it is time for injustice and impunity to end.
We must tackle ignorance, poverty and injustice but we must do so on contemporary battlefields.
So I grew up in a home that made me very sensitive to racism, to unfairness, to injustice .
she was taken aback by the injustice of Nora's remark
They revel in every perceived injustice , and are desperate to have someone to blame.