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injury / травма, повреждение, ущерб
имя существительное
injury, trauma, maim
damage, injury, fault, lesion, failure, hurt
damage, prejudice, harm, detriment, injury, loss
имя существительное
an instance of being injured.
she suffered an injury to her back
More than minor injury is caused by kicking, headbutting or similar forms of assault.
The driver escaped serious injury although the car was badly damaged in the impact.
In each case there was evidence consistent with recently inflicted deliberate injury .
She says that as there was no injury and that the complainant behaved normally she did not record the incident.
This treats psychiatric injury as damage of the same type or kind as physical injury .
compensation for injury to feelings
In both instances the callous bystander can foresee serious injury if he does nothing.
The hurt or injury need not be serious or permanent but must be more than trifling or transient.
Andrew was given 10 stitches, and was left with severe headaches as a result of the injury .
It is too simple to say that the mischief of this section is to deter the carrying of items that could cause injury .