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injured / пострадавший
имя существительное
injured, sufferer
имя прилагательное
wounded, injured, hurt, casualty, stricken
damaged, injured, defective, faulty, hurt, beat-up
имя прилагательное
harmed, damaged, or impaired.
a road accident left him severely injured
his injured pride
My mother gave her best imitation of a person with injured pride.
Davis continues to be hobbled by an injured knee and a sore hamstring.
He could hardly keep from laughing as he spoke, but adopted a look of injured pride.
As a result he suffered head fractures, a wasted hand, an injured spine and damage to his kidneys.
His form practically radiated anger and injured pride.
Heroic neighbours risked their lives to rescue an injured pensioner from the shattered remains of her home after a massive gas blast.
Without taking his hands from the controls, the bear motioned with the nod of his head toward the other seat, but gave her a friendly smile to ease her injured pride.
He will, moreover, be nursing a case of injured pride this morning.
Sprains usually cause pain, tenderness, swelling, or bruising to the injured area.
he's suffering from nothing other than injured pride