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injure / ранить, повредить, обидеть
injure, wound, cut, stab, wing, scotch
damage, hurt, injure, mar, bruise, nip
injure, miff, eighty-six
do physical harm or damage to (someone).
the explosion injured several people
In other words, it means simply that in the performance of a contract both parties are assumed to agree not to do anything to impede its performance, or to injure the right of the other to receive its benefit.
They want to catch the pair in case they try to hurt or injure someone else.
Nobody has a right to use them in a way that will diminish or injure their use and enjoyment by others.
a libel calculated to injure the company's reputation
he didn't mean to injure her reputation
And failing that if I could trip him up during the game and injure him; then he would have to retire hurt and I would be victorious.
I will not intentionally injure you or harm you in any long-lasting way.
Adolescent girl athletes are as much as eight times more likely to injure their knee's anterior cruciate ligament than their male counterparts.
We were fortunate the engine did not fail in flight and cause additional damage (or injure someone from the thrown blades).
a libel calculated to injure the company's reputation