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injunction / судебный запрет, предписание, приказ
имя существительное
судебный запрет
injunction, interdict
order, precept, injunction, instruction, warrant, regulation
order, command, decree, writ, commandment, injunction
имя существительное
an authoritative warning or order.
Commands and injunctions , as I suggested, punctuate the text from the outset.
The Attorney-General sought an injunction to restrain breach of confidence.
This is not simply a case about an injunction to restrain threatened future conduct.
One reason is that Islamic economic injunctions have only existed in theory and have never actually been put into practice.
Of course, in particular situations conflicts might emerge between different divine injunctions .
I saw females wearing trousers and wondered at the biblical injunctions which forbade such things.
He said he was hopeful that the courts would grant injunctions ordering the travellers off the land, but this could not be guaranteed.
Those matters include the knowledge of the son and the daughter of the pre-existing injunctive order and the effect on the interests of the wife.
Even the injunctions of destiny are cancelled if one takes refuge in God.
Ancient traditions and rituals tend to abound with precepts and injunctions .
Commands and injunctions , as I suggested, punctuate the text from the outset.