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injudicious / неразумный, неблагоразумный, неуместный
имя прилагательное
irrational, unwise, silly, subhuman, inadvisable, injudicious
imprudent, unreasonable, unwise, injudicious, indiscreet, inexpedient
irrelevant, inappropriate, improper, incongruous, impertinent, injudicious
имя прилагательное
showing very poor judgment; unwise.
I took a few injudicious swigs of potent cider
Experts have warned that injudicious use of the drugs could be seeds of a disaster, possibly in spreading drug-resistant strains of the virus.
There are risks that some mishap or injudicious remark by a minister might ignite a popular reaction from a volatile electorate.
One hesitates to use the word ‘unique’ to describe the economic conditions engendered by the terrorist attacks on America, for that might encourage an injudicious policy response.
He recognises, however, that it would be politically injudicious to speak of leaving just after having secured a mandate.
Despite the striker conceding that he has been guilty of injudicious comments, he feels hard done by in being considered by some to be an agitator too ready to put his concerns ahead of those of his team.
I think it would be injudicious and unwise for the Florida legislature to go ahead and certify these electors until we know precisely whether or not we can go ahead and count every vote.
It is as if the Minister was admonished by the PM for conceding that the Government is capable of poor judgment, hasty and injudicious decisions only to avoid the pressure.
For Celtic's French defender has shown a propensity for injudicious decision-making when finding himself in the white heat of colossal continental confrontations.
Love makes us do and say the silliest things, and my friend has been quite injudicious in his wholehearted leap into a new enthusiasm.
A snarling confrontation, there were far too many injudicious challenges and petty personal squabbles to allow football to flow.