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injection / инъекция, впрыск, укол
имя существительное
injection, shot, infusion
prick, injection, shot, puncture, sting, jab
имя существительное
an instance of injecting or being injected.
painkilling injections
the entry or placing of a spacecraft or other object into an orbit or trajectory.
Since injection into orbit the spacecraft's behaviour has been nominal.
To accomplish the requirements for the multi-material capability that Husky was seeking, a second injection unit was added to the machine.
Samples were introduced by gravity injection from 20 cm height for 20 s.
The orbit injection by the Ariane rocket used to launch Rosetta was so accurate that only a small amount of fuel was needed to make some tiny corrections.
An autonomous telemetry system transmitted data on the payload environment during all the flight phases, from liftoff to in-orbit injection .
sometimes a polio vaccine is given by injection
While the precise details of the scheme are still to be worked out, Labour sources said the preferred option is for the trusts to receive an initial injection of state cash and then build the prisons using private labour and money.
The buy-out will give the business a fresh injection of energy and help us move it forward on its strongest footing.
Woodside, wearing a familiar path in Australian corporate history, needed a huge injection of foreign cash to turn its dream into a reality.
Using revolution counters, the system can analyze the injection parameters of each cylinder and adjust them if necessary.
a morphine injection