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inject / вводить, впрыскивать, вставлять
enter, input, introduce, inject, set, bring in
insert, inset, interpose, paste, embed, inject
имя существительное
injection, inject
drive or force (a liquid, especially a drug or vaccine) into a person or animal's body with a syringe or similar device.
the doctor injected a painkilling drug
introduce (a new or different element) into something, especially as a boost or interruption.
she tried to inject scorn into her tone
Methadone is particularly interesting because it's been in decline for many years since the Health Department restricted the sale of larger size syringes used to inject the drug.
inject the foam and allow it to expand
She just let the nurse inject her with the medicine so she slipped into a dreamless sleep.
The proportioner requires no electricity and operates using water pressure to inject the proper amount of chemical.
Today one can just use a needle and syringe to inject a drug into the bloodstream, but other means were needed in the days before hypodermics.
The anaesthetist can then use the cannula to inject anaesthetic or painkilling drugs directly into the epidural space.
inject the foam and allow it to expand
she tried to inject scorn into her tone
All you do is remove the cartridge and use a syringe to inject ink into the cartridge… then you put the same cartridges back into your printer.
In Inverclyde, nearly 80% of drug users inject , compared to just under 60% for Scotland as a whole.