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initially / первоначально, вначале, сначала
originally, initially, primarily
initially, at first, at the beginning, at the outset
first, initially, at first, primarily, at the beginning, in the first instance
at first.
initially, he thought the new concept was nonsense
She had initially banned the event because of concern it would damage the grass.
it was initially difficult
The White House had initially planned to announce the new agency this coming autumn.
The provision was initially put in place to protect trade in neighbouring towns.
We thought initially that it would be best for him to leave but he wanted to stay here.
Any such problems should have been ironed out initially and not when the job is nearly complete.
He arrived at the building to see what he initially thought was falling debris.
This lack of any Conservative alternative to the council tax initially puzzled me.
he was initially reluctant to discuss it
initially, he thought the new concept was nonsense