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inimical / враждебный, недружелюбный, неблагоприятный
имя прилагательное
hostile, enemy, inimical, antagonistic, adverse, opposed
unfriendly, inimical, disaffected, antisocial, asocial, ill-disposed
adverse, unfavorable, disadvantageous, inauspicious, untoward, inimical
harmful, adverse, detrimental, pernicious, bad, inimical
имя прилагательное
tending to obstruct or harm.
actions inimical to our interests
Both the leaders stressed the need for better co-ordination among the alliance partners and facing the challenge of the situation collectively to defeat the forces inimical to restoration of peace.
In the twentieth century, Middle Eastern politics was dominated by mega versions of tribalism, namely nationalism and socialism - all inimical to modern development from the bottom up.
It therefore, becomes a source of deep concern when we hear that among the men of God, there are some bent on causing confusion in the nation by inciting people to involve themselves in activities inimical to the State.
Reinforcing and paralleling this problem is the way the current culture in politics and business is inimical to the long-term investment in time and resources needed for the opportunities of this technology to be properly realised.
Although it might seem that Luther's individualism was inimical to ‘fraternity’, Luther was clear that an individual could scarcely exist in isolation from others.
The mobilizations of citizens in behalf of broad social demands are inimical to the right's vision of autonomous individuals, in charge of their own affairs and acting alone.
Shocked, Dubble slipped on a sheaf of papers, screeched and struck his head against one of the cabinets, and when he recovered to his feet he regarded his Commander with a cold, inimical glower.
You can't be for protecting or strengthening Social Security and also be for private accounts since the two goals are diametrically opposed, inimical to each other.
Because leaven is a common metaphor for the ‘evil inclination’ in Judaism, Jesus here insinuates their complicity with the inimical powers that oppress the people.
And many of their doctrines are inimical to friendliness to the West.