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inhumanity / бесчеловечность, жестокость
имя существительное
inhumanity, barbarity
cruelty, brutality, violence, atrocity, ferocity, inhumanity
имя существительное
extremely cruel and brutal behavior.
a justification for further cruelty and inhumanity
This is the kind of unspeakable inhumanity we are all up against.
Despite any such fears however, acts of inhumanity towards a surrendered enemy have no place in the third Millenium.
Instead, she has chosen a dangerous, heartbreaking life, which sees risk and suffering and gross inhumanity every single day.
As other camps fell into Allied hands the full story of Nazi inhumanity began to be told.
Some historians claim this is the most graphic example of man's inhumanity to man.
To turn a country into a laboratory is to give ample warning of inhumanity .
The engrossing series is a searing reminder of man's capacity for unimaginable acts of inhumanity against fellow man.
I am a part of the collective sorrow felt around the world about man's inhumanity to man.
He has spent his life analysing and opposing injustice and inhumanity .
Others will witness acts of inhumanity that will haunt their remaining days.