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inhibitor / ингибитор, замедлитель, замедлитель реакции
имя существительное
moderator, inhibitor
замедлитель реакции
имя существительное
a thing that inhibits someone or something.
The tort threat and the threat of criminal prosecution after a crime has been committed are the most reliable inhibitors of criminal aggression.
These data indicate the importance of the beta-globin control for signaling either the presence of an inhibitor or insufficient DNA template for amplification.
‘We do not see the initial cost of the deal as an inhibitor to longer-term shareholder returns,’ he said.
What's different, at least for journalists in Iraq today, is that the viciousness and brutality is a much greater inhibitor to work.
Note that saline scored better in this test despite having a lower yield, suggesting the presence of an amplification inhibitor in the DNA derived from Listermint.
"The fear of failure is a large inhibitor to risk-taking, creative thought and behaviour," she said.
Maturation induced by xanthine oxidase was prevented by allopurinol, an inhibitor of xanthine oxidase activity, and by N-acetylcysteine.
I discovered that an inhibitor on the pace of progress was that every retired respiratory specialist in the country was already working flat-out.
It's an inhibitor , a barrier that we don't feel we need here in Chippenham.
Such a move could often be viewed as a capital inhibitor .
The lack of enterprise space in the town is a major inhibitor to the development of new businesses.