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inhibition / торможение, подавление, запрещение
имя существительное
braking, inhibition, deceleration, drag, slowdown, damping
suppression, inhibition, repression, reduction, mortification
prohibition, ban, inhibition, interdiction, taboo, interdict
имя существительное
a feeling that makes one self-conscious and unable to act in a relaxed and natural way.
the children, at first shy, soon lost their inhibitions
a powerful tranquilizer that causes lack of inhibition
She then builds up a secondary inhibition to sexual arousal in order to avoid the frustration accompanying an unsatisfying sexual experience.
The moral that Freud drew from this reasoning was that the inhibition of natural emotional expressions could lead to dangerous consequences.
Even if short-term inhibition of GDP growth is on occasions necessary, growth foregone is nevertheless the very essence of social misfortune.
Gamma-tocopherol partially protects insulin-secreting cells against functional inhibition by nitric oxide.
This process can lead to the addition or inhibition of cellular function.
It may involve simultaneous activation of some belief representations and inhibition of others.
The alternative possibility, that the kinetic complexity of Mg-G-actin digestions arises from trypsin inhibition in these reactions, has been tested in two ways.
I sense in Monica's response a surprising inhibition , a lack of confidence that a true union is possible.
she showed an enthusiasm for sex and a lack of inhibition which was entirely alien to him