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inhibit / подавлять, препятствовать, тормозить
suppress, repress, inhibit, put down, overwhelm, depress
let, prevent, hinder, impede, inhibit, hamper
brake, inhibit, slow down, hamper, retard, backpedal
hinder, restrain, or prevent (an action or process).
cold inhibits plant growth
make (someone) self-conscious and unable to act in a relaxed and natural way.
his mother's strictures would always inhibit him
(in ecclesiastical law) forbid (a member of the clergy) to exercise clerical functions.
Normally, we all inhibit our sexual desires because we fear that we'll be rejected or that we'll overwhelm or otherwise hurt the other person.
It does inhibit the rusting process, at least for six months or so.
Unlike liquid extracted from other varieties of citrus, grapefruit juice can inhibit enzyme reactions in the gut.
None of these problems is critical, but they all act to inhibit the process of renewing Australia's economic infrastructure.
The failures are used as a key to understanding the underlying mental processes that inhibit development.
Many developing nations, on the other, argue that intellectual property rights inhibit economic development by restricting use of existing knowledge.
I found the discussion of possible physiological mechanisms that inhibit sexual desire in women particularly interesting.
Tight ‘influx’ controls were designed to check urban growth and inhibit the development of a black urban working class.
That is totally unnecessary and may inhibit you.
‘In big companies, there can be a lot of layers that inhibit the creative process,’ she says, explaining her decision to strike out on her own.