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inheritance / наследование, наследство, наследие
имя существительное
inheritance, descent, heirdom, inheritage
inheritance, heritage, legacy, patrimony, bequest, residue
heritage, legacy, inheritance, patrimony, heirloom, hangover
имя существительное
a thing that is inherited.
he came into a comfortable inheritance
the European cultural inheritance
Bulgaria began to adopt Western style laws, giving women inheritance rights.
In short, inheritance laws should be the same for both sons and daughters.
the inheritance of traits
Once on the statute book, gay men and lesbians will enjoy the same tax, inheritance and tenancy rights as married couples.
You can obtain a wide range of personal advice from tax to inheritance planning through your banking manager.
he came into a comfortable inheritance
In fact the provision was usually made in the form heirs of the body male in order to exclude inheritance by lineal female heirs as well.
This, in my view, would be a distortion of the principles underlying customary law of succession and inheritance .
the inheritance of traits