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inhale / вдыхать, затягиваться, вбирать
breathe, inhale, sniff, inspire, snort, snuff
inhale, drag, linger, close up, draw out, pull at
absorb, draw, inhale, sop, suck in
breathe in (air, gas, smoke, etc.).
they were taken to the hospital after inhaling fumes
I was trying to inhale two pieces of toast whole, when I heard a furious knocking at the door.
As you may recall from biology class, you inhale air and exhale carbon dioxide.
later on I inhale a box of chocolate cookies while watching cable TV
You set fire to it, then deeply inhale the smoky poisonous fumes.
As you inhale a polluted air it creates a lot of problem in your system.
Each time the memory comes up, she would squint her eyes and inhale her breath very deeply.
He closed his eyes to inhale the air and he began a slow trot down the hall toward an elevator.
Any man ordering pasta marinara comes across as a more sensitive prospect than a guy who inhales a steak.
She inhaled the clear air and, coming to herself, passed her hand over her forehead.
Marla breathed in deeply, inhaling the smoke of her cigarette before blowing it out in a long wisp.